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Greetings and Welcome

to the Official Website of the Clan Kincaid Association International.

There is an old adage that states: “There are only two kinds of people in the world – The Scots and those who wish they were.” Few other cultures have spread their influence and heritage so far and wide around the world yet, despite distance and new loyalties, still hold such fondness for their Scottish Roots. Families thrill to the skirl of the pipes, proudly display their Clan badges and tartans, gather at highland games and Burns dinners and take very seriously the obligation of passing on their heritage to succeeding generations.

It is said that “nothing is so consistent as change”. We watch as our lives unfold year after year. We watch as our homes change, our jobs change, our hobbies and interests change, our circle of friends change. There are really only two things that are constant in our lives – our faith and our family. It is for us to especially nurture these two aspects of our lives for they are with us forever.

This website is here for you. It is designed to help you further understand your Clan and your identity as a Scot and as a Kincaid of whatever spelling. Take time to introduce yourself to the leadership of your Clan; explore the introduction to the long and notable history of your extended family; learn the ways of heraldry; discover how you can further your knowledge of your own branch of the extensive forest of Kincaid Family Trees and shop for Kincaid goodies.

You will find, in activities, great opportunities to meet with other Kincaids at reunions and Scottish festivals. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities for you will always be welcome. As the hymn says “Come in, come in and sit down, for you are part of the family.”

Again, welcome to your website. Come back frequently and enjoy being a Kincaid and a Scot. You are special!

James R. Brisbin